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Hello and a warm welcome to PT on Panckhurst. I'm Laura, trainer and owner.

I offer a unique personal training service with a focus on exercise programmes for people who find keeping active tough due to injuries, medical conditions or have taken a long break from exercise. Perhaps you have already tried to get fit and active, but keep coming up against re-occurring injuries and trapping yourself in a vicious cycle of injury - exercise - pain - rest and repeat until you are just so frustrated that you don't want to start all over again. I'm here to tell you there is a solution! My classes and 1:1 training sessions have a mixture of clients with sore knees, lower back pain, neck/shoulder problems, asthma, diabetes and people easing back into exercise. With qualifications and 8 years of experience working with injured clients and those with medical problems, building a more active lifestyle that keeps you fit, healthy and doesn't aggrevate any pain or symptoms is entirely achievable!

If you are injury free or have no underlying medical conditions please don't let that stop you from starting classes or 1:1 training sessions! I have a range of people with all differing levels of fitness levels in class and have the ability to give suitable exercise options for everyone. If classes or 1:1 training isn't your thing, I would love to be able to train you online with one of my challenges!
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